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MDW Aviation Associates, Inc. started in 1989 as a result of a multi-year, successful effort to find the "BEST" fluid to produce the most intense, brilliant, no residue, harmless to materials, environmentally friendly, smoke desired by our discriminating Full Scale and Giant Scale pilots.

We would not settle for second best. Our reputation has earned us the Trademark of the World Leader in Smoke Oilâ„¢.

Over the years preceding 1989, we used homemade blends as well as the few commercially available "smoke oils". The only smoke fluids available at the time were cheap attempts, including experimentation with full-strength and mixes of diesel, concrete form oils, mineral spirits, kerosene and, yes, even gasoline. (DO NOT try this yourself!) We were never really satisfied. Every one we tried was either too messy, harmed the material or paint, and definitely did not perform as well as we demanded. Even worse. those alternatives were dangerous, harmful, or both.

MDW in 1994 expanded its market by using national distributors, dealers and becoming an international supplier. Our products have many industrial applications where air flow needs to be detected or seen. Hollywood shows, wind tunnels, leak detection. We are continually looking for distribution opportunities.

Today, Super*Dri Aviation Smoke Oil is proudly used by an ever-increasing group of individuals, air show operators and the military alike who are interested in the excitement that "smoke-on" provides to the pilot and to the audience.

We thank you for your business and welcome your comments and videos. Let us know what you want to see on our site and how you would like to interact with us.


Super*Dri Aviation Smoke Oil was tested at or well below the OSHA 8 hour Premissible Exposure Limit (PEL). Since it is the smoke your customers may be exposed to, these tests will assure them that there are no health concerns.

Nationally recognized laboratory,
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