Full-Scale Flyers

Full-scale flyers use and appreciate Super*DriĀ® Aviation Smoke Oil for its cleanliness, brilliant persistence and the convenient and reliable service from MDW.

Of the many full-scale flyers using our oil, the one closest to us is NATG (North American Top Gun).

We had the opportunity to fly one of NATG's T-6 aircraft in the Summer of 1996. The plane was 50 years old and in mint condition. At the time, I was older than the plane. Unlike me, the plane did not show its age. I was very impressed with the beauty of the plane and the superb flight we had. Even more exciting, we filled the on-board smoke oil tank with Super*DriĀ® Aviation Smoke Oil. The video of my flight included great footage of the smoke-on take off and of the many smoke-on aerobatics we did in that exciting old bird.

We've also encountered many full-scale aerobatic pilots in the Chicagoland area who use our oil and are always impressed and pleased with their satisfaction. These are the lucky guys who fly the Pitts, Eagles and other sky-borne hot-rods.

If you've an airplane and have a smoke system on board, you need to be demanding and using our oil. If you're considering adding a smoke system to your plane and have concerns and questions, contact us. If you have a plane with a round engine, you MUST have a smoke system (Dave's quote: "Real planes have round engines and smoke!"). We are connected to a team able to build smoke systems for any aircraft .... from the nozzle to the tank. They are ready to custom-build an installation kit for you.

Contact us with any question you may have. Rest assured that we'll be able to meet your demands for timely delivery to any location.