Smoke Tips - Fast and Direct

Dear Flyer:

We are the producer of the BEST aviation smoke oil for R/C aircraft modelers. The product is SUPER*DRI AVIATION SMOKE OIL.

Here, we'll give you a few tips on R/C aircraft smoke systems and references to recent articles on the subject.

SUPER*DRI AVIATION SMOKE OIL was developed over a period of years of trial and error. We experimented with just about everything, by itself and in combination with others, that could be injected into our engine exhausts. Today, SUPER*DRI AVIATION SMOKE OIL is identified as the best by flyers both here and abroad.

Some tips:

  • Use large gas engines. You get better smoke than with small glo engines. Probably a function of engine exhaust volume and temperature.
  • B&B (Bennett) mufflers, pump and valve are my personal preference. Custom mufflers, with more hot metal and mufflers with an L shaped exhaust chamber design (Pitts style) are superior.
  • I push 40 oz. oil thru my engines in an approximate 10-min. flight with a G-62. So the flow rate is approx. 4 oz./min. I use std. 1/8 I.D. Tygon tubing on the B&B smoke pump with no flow restrictions.
  • Others with whom we have spoken have mixed opinions on mufflers such as Slimline's with internal pre-heat smoke oil coils. I do not use pre-heat coils.
  • On custom mufflers, the commercially available 1/8 smoke oil injection fittings have proven very effective as oil injection nozzles.


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  • VHS Video Smoke-On by Gulf Stream, available from Goldberg Models (This video is no longer in production as of 12/2000. See your hobby shop or library.)
  • B&B Specialties, Dick Bennett, 219-277-0499. Use him for G-62, smoke valve, smoke tank, smoke muffler, etc.

Happy Flyin and SUPER*DRI Smokin!

Rev. 12/00